Using The Right Packaging Machine

Packaging Systems – Using the right tool for the job!

The use of proper packaging equipment can make all the difference in your company’s output. In fact, packaging line efficiency can result in a serious positive impact in both sales and profitability, considering more products can be delivered at a lower overall cost.

Quick Pak’s system specialist can assist you in identifying areas in your company which would benefit from automation.

Revolution Stretch Wrap Equipment

Quick Pak Inc is proud to offer a wide range of stretch wrap machines, from semi- to fully-automatic under the Revolution brand. Whether you wrap 10 pallets a day or 100 pallets an hour, using the right Revolution stretch wrap machine will not only save you time but will also maximize the load strength of your stretch wrap.

Which machine to use depends entirely on your application? Answer the following few simple questions to help us determine what machine best suits your company:

1.            How many pallets do you wrap per day?______ Per hour?_______
2.            Does this keep up with current shipping demands?
3.            How long does it take to wrap a pallet?
4.            Do you wrap pallets continually through the day?
5.            Are your pallets generally regular or irregular in shape?

Our system specialist will help you analyze the best machine for you based on your current and desired output.

The Revolution Stretch Wrapper line includes:

Revolution LP (low profile turntable)
Revolution ST (standard)

Revolution ST HS (standard - high speed)

Revolution HD (heavy duty - high speed)


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