LLDPE Resin Today: Rising

LLDPE Resin Today: Rising

Keep up to date on LLDPE, PVC pricing developments.

TRADE NEWS: This just in
June LLDPE and PVC roll flat
Industry respected publication reports 'no change' for resin pricing in June.

LLDPE SELLING WELL "resin markets were active and most deals were done in Polyethylene."

PE SUPPLY ISSUES "lack of material availability is contributing to a change in market sentiment, which for a while
had been bearish, then more recently neutral and is now turning slightly bullish.
PE contracts rolled over again in June, the fourth flat month in a row."

PE COST FACTORS "Ethylene prices fell in fairly active trading"

LLDPE GAINS "Spot Polyethylene trading was about average; once again there was good activity in LDPE and LLDPE film grades.
Prices remained flat for all PE grades this past week although LLDPE recorded $.02/lb gain"

TIGHTER RESIN "availability for all Polyethylene grades has become markedly tighter"

JUST NOT HAPPENING "Polyethylene buyers are acquiescing to the reality that a price decrease is just not going to happen."

MAY GO HIGHER "growing conflicts in the Middle East and beyond have raised the general level of uncertainty and helped
pump an extra risk premium to top-of-the-chain Crude Oil. As we sit at the cusp of the second half of 2014, it feels like
the resin markets could hold firm at a minimum and even head higher again."
Packaging Sources July 2014

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