Lowering Your Packaging Costs

3 Ways to Lower Costs and Increase your PROFITS!

Change Vendors for a Lower Price

This method is used all of the time and can save you a minimum amount. Most distributors have roughly the same cost structure and work on the same margins so while distributor "A" may be able to save money on the exact same item versus distributor "B," The savings will be very small unless the distributors are working off different pricing structures.

Buying an Equivalent Item from a Different Manufacturer or "Down-Guaging"  a Product

Second most popular way to save money and when implemented properly you'll see great savings.  This method examines current products and finds the closest item in its class and tests to see if the results are favorable. We offers a private label program called HYBRiD80. We have done the research for you, saving you money without sacrificing quality.  For example, if you use an 80 guage 20" machine stretch film, our HYBRiD80 product can do an outstanding job for you as an equivalent product.  While not 80 guage, it has shown to be effective in 80 guage applications thus saving money. 

Changing the Process

This is the most time-consuming, but the most effective method for driving out costs. This process requires planning and dedication on the part of the customer.  For example, if you tape 250 boxes per day by hand and are using 3" tape but your boxes are light-weight, you could be a candidate for an entry level case sealer and 2" tape. The savings are tremendous and yield higher plant efficiency. Furthermore, if you are hand wrapping pallets switching to a machine can save you as much as 50% in materials. If you buy 20 cases or more per month of hand wrap, this savings literally can pay the lease payment of a new machine. 

At Quick Pak, we are experts in these areas of saving money. We are here to help you increase your PROFITS!


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