Used ITW Mima 4.4 Stretch Wrapper Refurbished.

Refurbished High Profile ITW Model 4.4 Stretch Wrapper

Source: ITW Mima

The HP Model 4.4 Stretch Wrapper was built for heavy use, day in and day out, in all kinds of environments.

Its heavy-duty industrial bearing can support loads weighing up to 4,000 pounds, while its highly efficient PACE film carriage applies pre-stretched film to each load.

Heavy gauge steel is used throughout to assure durability.

• Ability to wrap up to 35 loads per hour
• 60" turntable handles loads measuring 52" x 52" x 84"H
• Heavy duty bearing supports loads weighing up to 4000 pounds
• Pace Series powered pre-stretch for film stretch rates up to 250%
• Automatic load height-sensing photo eye
• Variable speed film carriage, banding mode for load reinforcement
• Separate top and bottom wrap counters

This machine was refurbished by Quick Pak Inc in Tampa, Florida 33610. We are a factory trained ITW Mima Distributor. All wear parts and prestretch follers were replaced on this unit by us. Clean and runs well. Main motor was also replaced. Runs fast and powerful. This machine was made in Florida by ITW Mima and is built like a tank.


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