Stretch Film pricing from quick pak inc

Just a quick update on the state of the resin marketplace and what to expect in the coming 30 to 60 days as it relates to stretch film pricing and all things made with PE resins. In short, it appears prices for November will remain flat as we head into December. There is an outside chance we could see a penny or two slide in November, but more likely this will wait until December. Just in time for the holidays. See below excerpt from this weeks The Plastics Exchange article:

There was very little movement in spot Polyethylene prices during this past week. While PE resins in

general are adequately supplied, specific grades are sometimes hard to source. Although technically

there is a price increase out there, rolled over from October, suppliers are not pursuing it and fresh

railcar offers were seen at basically the same levels as the past several weeks. Processors are set on

earning some price relief before the end of the year, but time is starting to run thin. Traders and

exporters are looking for back-to-back transactions, keeping their purchasing powder dry for special

late Nov / year-end opportunities that might soon develop.

Spot resin market activity is beginning to improve again. Although trading is far from robust, quite a

number of deals still crossed on The Plastics Exchange platform this past week. Overall prices have

been steady, but there are well-priced deals popping up in a true spot manner, as opposed to the

market softening in general. High-volume incremental exports are sporadic, offshore price

expectations are usually too low to transact fresh business. PP contracts will shed $.01/lb in Nov; PE

contracts will likely roll flat or see some minor relief.


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