Stretch Film and Resin Pricing


LLDPE Demand "The resin markets were busy, domestic demand improved and prices moved higher. Supplies remained limited and new production issues have arisen."

PE Fresh Increase "Polyethylene producers seem to be pushing off their split August price increase in favor of a fresh nickel increase in September,"

Resin Market Dynamics "September Natural Gas futures finally had an up week,"

Resin Market Dynamics "The Ethylene market began the week with strength, took a little dip and then proceeded to charge even higher."

PE Production Issues "August. A couple of crackers were taken offline for unplanned maintenance."

LLDPE Busier "Polyethylene trading was swift again."

Resin Price Hike "Polyethylene producers have announced a $.05/lb increase for September; some are replacing all or part of their old increases while others are adding to them."

PE Demand Improving "After 3 weeks of solid demand, the summer trading lull seems to already be in the distant past."

Stretch Film Going Up "There is new nickel increase slated for all Polyethylene resins in September."

Packaging Sources August 2013


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