Coreless Stretch Pallet Wrap

HYBRiD Plus 3 Coreless Pallet Wrap

Time to get to the Core of the problem

*Reduce your companies Carbon Footprint = No Core + No Carton = NO Waste.

-Average user will remove 33,000 Lbs of waste/year by using Coreless Film.

-Large user will remove 200,000 Lbs of waste/year by using Coreless Film

*Every pallet you use of cored stretch wrap = 4 bundles of cores going into the trash/landfill.

*No Core = lighter rolls for faster wrapping and less chance of employee injury.

Coreless rolls weigh only 3 Lbs. Standard 18” x 80ga x 1500’ = 9 lbs.


Comes with Re-usable QuickFix Plastic Applicator.

Standard Core film creates friction and burns your hands and fingers while wrapping.

The QuickFix dispenser has smooth round edges for fast and easy “burn free” wrapping.


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