Amtopp color stretch film

Dear Amtopp Distributor

Please be advised that following our production run of color stretch films in the coming week we are going to have to raise our up-charge on blue and black stretch film by $.03/lb moving forward.  We have run with an up-charge of $.10/lb on color films for many years now but due to rising costs over this extended period of time as well as production restraints on color concentrate we must make this move on the price of black and blue films.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

That being said we are also pushing back the upcoming color production run by one more week so that you can make adjustments to your orders and any orders placed prior to this Friday the 16th will be at the current price level.

After Friday color film will be at $.13/lb up-charge.  Again if you have any specific questions or concerns please call us on them.  This does not affect any other products in our offering.

Thank you.


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