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Market Update & Summary March 9th 2012:

LLDPE: Resin producers announce 'split' price increase half now half later, film converters follow suit. April 1 increase also on the table in unprecedented spate of resin price hikes (AEP) (Sigma) (Paragon) (Amtopp) (Berry) (Intertape) (Western Plastics)

The Dow Chemical Company - Polyethylene Price Notification Effective April 1, 2012 US
February Petrochemical Prices Surge 10% on High Oil Prices, Tight Supply Prices in the $3-trillion-plus global petrochemicals marketplace climbed 10% in February.

Trade News March 2012

In a letter dated February 2nd, we had announced our intentions to implement a film increase of 7% on February 27th to cover the February $.06 resin increase. The market has since adjusted to a “split implementation” of $.03 effective February 1st, with the other $.03 to be implemented on March 1st. Please keep in mind that there is also a $.07 resin increase on the table for April 1st and this increase will be addressed at a later time...
US Stretch Film Producer March 2012

In response to the “split implementation”. Sigma Plastics announces the following: Sigma’s previously announced 7% film increase will be amended to 4% effective with orders placed February. 27th. In response to the pending March 1st resin increase, all new orders received on or after March 26th will be priced at a 4% increase...
US Stretch Film Producer March 2012

We understand the stress and difficulty associated with these increases. However, the resin suppliers seem to have multiple increase attempts pending, regardless of market place dynamics. We cannot speculate on the strength or weakness of these announcements. That leaves us with no choice but to announce a corresponding film increase. To not announce now will only cause rushed implementation later with foreshortened lead times and limited availability of some items ...
US Stretch Film Producer March 2012

Natural-gas drillers have been using hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” and other technology to develop gas in shale fields from Texas to Pennsylvania. The new sources have driven the price from a high of more than $13 per million British thermal units in 2008 to as low as $2.23 on Jan. 23. Gas futures closed at $2.55 on the New York Mercantile Exchange last week. Natural gas is used to produce LLDPE resin in the U.S.
Trade News February 2012

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