Revolution Plastic baler

Revolution Plastic Baler (Patent Pending)

The Revolution Plastic Baler is a small hand operated baler for plastic, cardboard, paper, shredded paper.

With a footprint of only 23" x 28" this machine produces bales of up to 44 Lbs of cardboard & up to 75 Lbs of plastic film.

The machine is suitable for Offices, Farms, Factories, Warehouses and distribution centers.

Needing no power source the machine can be used anywhere and is ideal where space is limited or ceiling height is low. ING

Your Cost: $1,480/EA

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The Revolution Plastic Baler Ideal For:


Tired or throwing away all that paper and junk mail that poures into your office / building every day?

Tired of all that stretch wrap that is removed from pallets and all over the place?

Did you know that you can get up to $0.30 cents per pound for baled plastic.

- Bale weight of up to 75 Lbs

- Volume reduction of up to 80%

- No power supply required

- Slotted door for easy tying

- Indoor / Outdoor use

- Powder coat paint finish

- Optional wheels

- Optional bolt down brackets

- Easy to handle bale

- Reduced Disposal Costs

- Facilitates Recycling

- Cleaner Work Place

- Lower Labor Costs