Wrapping pallets FAST with the NWD Wrapper from Quick Pak Inc

NWD Stretch Wrap Dispenser by Quick Pak Inc

No more overstretching to wrap tall pallets. The NWD takes care of business. Accommodates various shaped pallets. Modular design allows for quick roll change. Keeps the operator in a natural position to reduce back-related injuries.

The Old Way
Requires the Operator to Bend Over
Requires the Operator to Walk Backwards
Puts a Strain on the Operator's Back
Puts the Operator in Unnatural Positions
Operator is in Less Control of His Environment

The NWD Way
Bending Over is Not Necessary
Operator Walks Forward With Ease
No Strain on the Operator's Back
No Unnatural Positions Required
Operator is in Total Control of His Environment

Key Features
• Accommodates Various Shaped Pallets
• Tighter Wrap Reduces Freight Claims
• Lightweight, Aluminum, Hand-Held Dispenser
• Modular Design Allows For Quick Cylinder Exchange
• Keeps the operator In a Natural Position to Reduce Back And Work Related Injuries
• Brake System Ensures a Tighter Wrap and Less Film Wasted
• Comfortable to Hold and Operate on Any Sized Load
• Tension Control For Preferred Stretch
• Self Oiling UHMPW Material Provides Smooth Consistent Action
• ULTRA fast wrapping when used with ECCO Prestretched Hand FILM
• Ships via UPS

More info on pricing on this product is available from:

Mike Cunningham
Quick Pak Inc
1100 North 28th street Tampa, FL 33605
Tel: 813 242 6995
FAX: 813 242 6985


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