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FLEX-CTS 7/1/2008

Conveyorized 2 Station Automatic Stretch Wrapping Solution

The Flex CTS eliminates the need for an operator to attach & cut the stretch film AND eliminates time-loss from forklift drives “watching” loads being wrapped. Simply place the pallet-load on the infeed conveyor via forklift, and pull a lanyard switch while backing away. The machine will advance the load into the wrapping zone automatically, freeing the loading zone to receive another load. The machine will wrap the load as you have pre-determined it to do, automatically adapting to the load size and shape. (Within machine specifications)

The film is pre-stretched (elongated) at 260% which “processes” the stretch film for maximum linear strength and load retention, while reducing material cost. Film Force-to-Load control is AUTOMATIC, performing like cruise-control so the film constantly adapts to the load shape, size and machine operating speed, resulting in minimal film breaks at maximum stretch. Bottom line… Properly wrapped loads for reduced shipping damage and reduced material cost.

FUNCTIONALITY, UPTIME and SAFE interaction are all critical to your operation! The Orion Flex series designs include many standard features to enhance the machine’s performance, uptime and safe operator interaction. (Often options with competitive models)

OPERATIONAL features on the Flex CTS

· Motor Driven Powered Conveyors (No load “pushing” or “dead” rollers!)

· Easy to use Touch-Screen HMI (No maze of switches & pushbuttons!)

· Separate Top / Bottom Wrap Counts adjustable from 1-9

· Separate Up / Down Film Carriage Speed Controls (No single speed control!)

· Automatic Film Force-to-Load Control (No load cells or strain gauges!)

· Automatic Load Height Detection Photocell

· Lanyard Switch Included for Remote Cycle Start

· Automatic Film Clamping & Cutting (No operator needed!)

· Film Tail Press-to-Load (Helps prevent film unraveling!)

· Film Roping Bar to Lock Load to Pallet

Your cost = $18,500