How to successfully Ship your boxes by UPS & FedEx.

How to successfully Ship your boxes by UPS & FedEx. You spend all this work packing the item inside the box and then it is handled like a football by the shipping company. We have all seen how boxes arrive at the door, bashed up, open, torn, some items missing, etc… When Quick Pak Inc ship boxes by UPS and FedEx, we over tape the box with custom printed tape (stops pilferage). We strap each case so if the box is dropped it won’t bust open. After the shipping labels are applied we add clear tape over the label to protect from dirt and from getting wet. If the label gets wet or can’t be read…the package will never be found. Thanks Mike Cunningham - EXT 305 Quick Pak Inc. 1100 North 28th Street Tampa, FL 33605 PH: 813 242 6995 EXT 305 FX: 813 242 6985 "Ask about our Thermal Label and Ribbon Program"


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