Band-It Stand


The Stretch Band-It Stand is a natural addition to any shipping room operation. Its design is simple. Its uses are many. Mounts easily to table, allowing quick unitization of multiple products.

Combination shipping saves you money! Highlight's Band-It Stand together with the Stretch Band-It give you a system that makes it easy to combine packages and cut shipping costs.

Simply set the product(s) to be unitized on the Band-it Stand supports, take your Stretch Band-it and quickly stretch wrap them securely together. Bundled products are easily removed from the coated supports after wrapping. Quality construction for years of service.

The Band-it Stand accommodates package weights to 35 pounds. Fully adjustable coated steel supports balance your project and allow for quick removal of the bundled product. Sturdy backplate aligns your packages while you quickly wrap your product together.

More info on pricing:

Mike Cunningham
Quick Pak Inc
1100 North 28th street Tampa, FL 33605
T: 813 242 6995


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