Thermal Pallet Covers

Quick Pak’s insulated pallet covers are designed to protect temperature sensitive goods such as food & drink and pharmaceuticals. Water and puncture resistant, they are extremely hard wearing and not only will the thermal blankets for pallets maintain the temperature of the goods, but they will also protect them during storage and transportation. By simply covering the pallet with the thermal pallet covers and securing with the Velcro straps, it creates an effective outer thermal protection for a wide range of products.

Our thermal pallet covers are made up of a metallized polyester layer to reflect radiant heat and sunlight also providing excellent puncture resistance, an internal layer of bubble wrap with great insulating properties and an inner layer of HDPE film providing toughness against cuts and wear as well as resistance to low temperatures and chemicals.

Due to the foldable, stackable and lightweight structure Quick Pak’s pallet cover provides a reduction in warehouse costs, transportation costs and operational internal moves.
Combining pallet covers with Quick Pak’s extensive range of box liners and coolants will ensure your product reaches its destination within the optimum environment.

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