Quick Pak Inc offers HMI and PLC Programming.

With over 18 years of business, Quick Pak Inc is a leader in innovative designs and has capability to customize equipment based on the customer’s needs. We understand that with the correct PLC, HMI programming or other engineering services, your control panels and integrated machines could be more efficient. 

For this reason, Quick Pak Inc offers engineering services for the integration and control of production machinery. We can program PLC-based controls and HMI control systems on complete production lines or individual machines to improve packaging, material handling, and supply chain performance. At 

Quick Pak Inc, our creative engineers assess and modify the systems specifications necessary for your plant’s needs in order to achieve maximum production line efficiency. When your controls become obsolete, or a touch screen wears out, we have the ability to reprogram these touch screens, rebuild an old panel or an entirely new panel.

When a packaging line becomes faulty or fails, Quick Pak Inc understands the urgency in fixing the problem immediately. We specialize in the repair and maintenance of end of line packaging equipment including: Stretch Wrappers, Shrink Wrappers, Case Tapers, Case Sealers, Conveyors, and Strappers. Our expert technicians will get your equipment back to running efficiently and effective to enhance your company’s production line. It’s what we do.

In many industries, when you call a manufacturer’s service tech, they only know how to fix their machines. They may even recommend a solution that fits their business model, however it’s usually not the right solution for your specific needs. At Quick Pak Inc, we service all end of line packaging equipment brands. We work with our clients to deliver customized solutions by consulting and designing based on the customer’s business goals and unique needs. Our in-depth understanding of complex packaging lines combined with our ability to recognize efficiencies for customers not conceived by many manufacturers is what makes us unique. We won’t force products on you that don’t fit your needs.

At Quick Pak Inc, we make it a priority to assist you with anything from installation to performance optimization to ensure each company is implementing the right solution. Whether you are looking to build a new control system, or update an existing system, Quick Pak Inc’s programmers have the application knowledge required to implement the design. 

To learn more about how we can get your control panels to run more efficiently, give us a call at (813) 242 6995.

Visit us here:  www.quickpakinc.com 


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