Using Litewrapper XT Pallet Wrapping System


Litewrapper XT Dispenser one comes FREE with EVERY Pallet.
Free Freight on this item - pallet quantity orders only.
This is the only system where you can wrap a pallet by hand and have the finished pallet look like it came off an stretch wrapping machine.  Wrapped tight and all the way down on to the wood skid.  You can rope, x-wrap, crisscross over the top and sides of the pallet, all with only one hand.
This Litewrapper XT is used with our CORED Litewrapper film.
Benefits of the LitewrapperXT 
- A patented system to wrap pallets by hand
- Walking forward, NO bending, NO back pain
- NO burning hands from wrapping
- Stronger & constant wrap
- Film is activated by the dispenser
- Less film, less time
- Wrap a pallet in less than one minute
- Less walking for a tight wrapped pallet
- No "neck down" better use of the film
- Case packed
- More pallets wrapped per roll
- Environment friendly.
SKU:18" x 1500' Litewrapper XT


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