Coreless Stretch Machine Film - Did you know?

Coreless stretch film technology is an innovation in environmental source reduction well suited for an eco-conscious consumer and organizations with sustainability goals.

It is a light weight coreless hi-performance stretch machine film that can optimize pallet coverage with maximum load holding.

Better for the Environment Eliminates paperboard core, film is 100% recyclable, reduced energy consumption in transportation & storage costs.

Reduce Storage & Disposal Costs: No cardboard core means no associated storage or disposal costs.

Coreless means roll weight is reduced by up to 15%.

Less Waste: No wasted film left on the core. Every last foot of stretch film is utilized.

Cost Effective:  All coreless items are more efficient when compared to conventional wraps.

Advantages of Coreless Machine Stretch Wrap:

The main advantages of the coreless innovation to the end user can be summarized as:
•   Reduced weight of the product.
•   Reduced weight and volume of the product for shipping.
•   Reduced environmental costs due to removal of cores.
•   Reduced storage space due to smaller product and packaging.
•   No loss of performance.
•   Reduced storage costs, no need to store cores.
•   Reduce transport costs.
•   Standard rolls can be used in many formats.

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