Stretch Banding Film Deal - two cases FREE Shipping


You are buying 24 rolls (2 cases)

Width = 5 Inches

Thickness = 115 gauge

Length = 700 feet 

Rolls per Case = 12

Color = Clear

Film Type = Cast

Included = 1 Plastic Handle per Case

5" x 115ga x 700' Stretch Banding Film on 3" cores and 1 plastic handle per case. Handy wrap banding stretch film is made with an 3 inch core for easy maneuvering. This bundling stretch film has a 3 inch diameter core that is less bulky and easier to handle than other stretch film. Each roll of plastic stretch wrap is a high quality cast film that is residue free and will stick to itself without any adhesives. Bundling plastic wrap is an inexpensive alternative to wire, twine, tape, or strapping.
Easy to handle core
Plastic handle in every case
No need for adhesives
Can be used in place of wire, tape, or strapping
Your Cost is $40 per case with FREE Shipping.

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