Staples and Carton Closing Staplers

Quick Pak carries OEM and interchange industrial staples for all popular industrial stapling tools. Whether Bostitch, JKL, Klinch Pak, Axxis, CCM, ISM or any other major brand, our staples are made to the highest OEM quality standards and are guaranteed to run in your tools.

A note about staple types and specifications:  In order to select the proper staple for your stapler, the staple product code [STCR5019, JK670, DF308C, etc.] or tool make and model is required.  It is not sufficient to have only the physical dimensions of the staple [such as 7/16-inch crown width] because a given set of staple dimensions may be made in 2 or more different types of staple wire, intended for different tools and applications. Different types of wire are not interchangeable in a given stapler.

Competitive pricing with available quantity discounts.  Special orders for non-stock industrial staples are also available.  Call our customer service 813 242 6995 today!


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