Machine Length Pallet Stretch Wrap - Truckload Sale

Perform XL Machine Length Pallet Wrap

FREE Freight on 40 roll orders (1 pallet)

20” x 63ga x 5000’ – 50 rolls per pallet = your cost: $30.50/roll delivered.

20” x 70ga x 6000’ – 40 rolls per pallet = your cost: $38.00/roll delivered.

20” x 80ga x 5000’ – 40 rolls per pallet = your cost: $39.11/roll delivered.

Ultra Performance Cast Machine stretch film is made of the highest quality cast stretch wrap and is able to work with all stretch wrapping machines. Machine wrapping your products increases load retention over time and provides higher puncture resistance. 

Our Cast stretch film is high clarity, making it easy to see information printed on products such as labels and barcodes. Cast film is also very quiet in comparison to blown films and will greatly reduce excess warehouse noise.

Quiet, Reduces excess warehouse nose

Highly Visable for easy Identification
Cling for added stability

Order here:

Call: 813 242 6995 (ext 305


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