Great Packaging Tips from Quick Pak Inc

Corrugated and Cost Effective Packaging Ideas.

Use a NEW corrugated box—NOT an old one. When you reuse a box, it becomes less durable.
Do not overfill a box. Overfilling will direct pressure to the walls of the box which could result in damage to both the box and your product. 
Many packers smash down paper or loose fill to close the box or fit more material inside. However, this compresses the material, making it less effective in protecting your products. More importantly, using excess packaging material means spending unnecessary money.

Do not under-fill a box. Under filling a box could result in possible damage to your product. Make sure the product you are shipping is secure. If it feels loose in the box, either add more packaging material or double check to ensure that you have correctly wrapped the product.

The 2-inch rule: In most cases, use at least 2 inches of packaging material around the product and be sure that the product is at least 2 inches from the walls of the box. This will help prevent both under filling and over filling, saving you time and money.

Properly close the box. This step is just as important as using proper cushioning. Try to stay away from tapes such as: masking, cellophane and duct. Use strong tape such as SellaTape pressure sensitive packaging tape. Two inches or more in width is recommended.

Effective packaging for your products. Different products require different methods of packaging. If you aren’t sure of the most effective way to package your products, Quick Pak Inc can help. 

We offer a custom pack design to any company who seeks our help—all at no cost to you.

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