Plastics and Resin Pricing News for December.

Dow Chemical, DuPont in advanced merger talks
A combination between Dow Chemical and DuPont would create a company with major plastics businesses and a market value of more than $120 billion. The company could then break up into different businesses, according reports.
Trade News December 2015

"LLDPE - resin trading returned with a vengeance – it was one of the highest volume weeks of the year."

"Despite the nickel nomination, Dec PE contracts will very likely be flat for the third month in a row."

"Ethylene trading was very active and prices declined; gulf crackers were fully operational and plentiful material pressured the market."

"Polyethylene trading was a bit better than average; sellers were more notable participants and prices eased a half-cent."

"Processors have little fear that the twice-tried $.05/lb price increase will finally take hold in December. A couple producers have already offered to delay implementation until January, but the rest have yet to follow."

"International resin traders have quieted and with energy prices again nearing multi-year lows, we still might see a flurry of fresh discounted material hit the market over the coming weeks."

"LLDPE shipping volumes are challenged by soft international resin markets and the strong value of the US Dollar."

ATTEMPT TO HALT PRICE EROSION IS ON "PE contracts have been down a net $.13/lb during 2015, producers will try to pare the losses by implementing the delayed $.05/lb in December."  GOOD LUCK THERE!
Trade Reports December 2015

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