Custom Printed Pallet Stretch Wrap

Another fine print job for one of our Quick Pak customers.  Large print on white film so the customer could read when the pallets were stacked 22' high in the storage racks.  Saving wasted time and money taking the pallets up and down to read the small labels.      
Custom Printed Pallet Wrap Sends A Message: Custom printing of pallet stretch wrap with low minimums, prepaid delivery nationwide. Custom printed pallet wrap improves load appearance.

Printing capacity increased: Quick Pak now offers lower minimums and faster lead times on all printed films.
Advertise: Logo's, name, website, re-ordering info, etc...
Safeguard Shipments: Printed message make handling requirements highly visible. "Do Not Double Stack", "Fragile", "Handle With Care", "Do Not Break Pallet", "Signature Required", "Keep Frozen"
Security Appeal: Reduces risks of pilferage and tampering in storage or transit. Easily identify shipments that have been broken into or tampered with.
Reduce Lost Shipments: Easier to identify pallets means carriers are less likely to misplace or lose shipments.
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