Resin Prices Down - Resin Makers Disagree.

Resin Trade Analyst reports
PVC down $.02/lb
LDPE / LLDPE - down $.05/lb
(Resin makers disagree)
January 2014

Mike Burns (@RTiBurnsPE)- Mike B. from RTi posted this comment - "Prices need to fall another $.07 or more to keep North America competitive at today's feedstock prices."

PRUDENT - Working with falling prices - Quick Pak's message to customers. Buy film only as needed for immediate shipping.

RESIN BUYERS WAIT "Purchasing dropped off this past week as buyers anticipated cheaper February prices, particularly PE"

LLDPE WIPED "Polyethylene prices have fallen dramatically and on average, another $.02/lb was wiped away this week."

PE WANTS MORE "January PE contracts have been offered down $.04/lb, but are not fully settled - processors are looking for a larger decrease."

THREE’S A CHARM "Contracts for both PE and PP are decreasing for the third month in a row."

FREEFALL RESIN "If only $.04/lb comes out of PE contracts this month, they will have only fallen a total of $.11/lb; PE"

Prices for natural gas are up. Natural gas futures are up 3.5% to roughly $3 per million British thermal units on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Natural gas is used to produce LLDPE and PVC films in the U.S. TRADE REPORTS JANUARY 2015  More...

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