CDI down another 5 cents for Jan 2015

Resin Trade Analyst reports
PVC down $.02/lb
LDPE / LLDPE - down $.05/lb
Expects further softening
January 2014

More info:

"resin markets were busy all week; the flow of offers was high and prices continued to slide."

"Ethylene was actively traded and prices continued to lose ground."

"Polyethylene trading ramped up to full force as January reached mid-month. Offers for most commodity grades were plentiful and prices continued to erode; LLDPE and LDPE grades fell about $.01/lb,"

"January Polyethylene contracts are offered down $.04/lb; they have not yet settled and the decrease could potentially be larger."

"resin trading was swift, continually falling prices are welcomed by processors, who for a change are sitting snugly in the driver’s seat."

"domestic resin prices could still have more downside,"

"For now, maintaining negative sentiment for the resin market is warranted"

"People are now buying as needed, as they expect lower prices, and supplier inventories will grow," Domestic PE prices are not likely to bottom out until after the Chinese New Year in mid-February. PE prices this year could be lower than 2013 and 2014 levels. If not, an escalation in imports of finished goods and a halt to reshoring is feared.
Trade Reports January 2015