Stretch Film pricing for December 1st 2014.

Berry Plastics General Price Increase. Berry is announcing a non-resin price increase effective with shipments December 1, 2014. PVC and pallet wrap. (Read letter)

Sigma Plastics General Price Increase (Read letter)

AEP General Price Increase (Read letter)

IPG Intertape General Price Increase (Read letter)

"With spot Ethylene dropping in relative freefall, domestic processors are looking for a share of the savings; perhaps that ever elusive price decrease might finally come through in November. The last decrease was $.02/lb back in November 2012, there has since been $.21/lb of increases, the most recent was $.03/lb this September."

"US resin producers have maintained their pricing power and domestic resin selling prices have only been descending slowly."

EXPECT LLDPE TO FALL SOON "It is likely that the Polyethylene market will recoil a little in the coming week as sales pressure is relieved at the beginning of the month."

FILM MAKERS TO SEEK RELIEF "Resin Processors, eying the $.20/lb drop in upstream Ethylene costs, are seeking a contract price decrease of perhaps $.03/lb - which equals the September increase."

Quick Pak's message to customers in November. Buy stretch only as needed for immediate shipping/billing (think drop ships).


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