Printwiz tape dispenser from quick pak inc

Printwiz - New from Quick Pak Inc

What is Printwiz: Printwiz is a hand-held print on demand tape gun that allows plain tape to become printed tape. 

The unique and patented printing mechanism in the Printwiz dispenser places the image to be printed onto the adhesive side of the tape. 

This avoids smearing as well as the normally
necessary drying time of the ink for the imprint and as the imprint is captured between the film of the tape and the corrugated carton, the image is absorbed and transferred into the corrugated creating
security tape.

The Printwiz dispenser also helps create brand recognition for the product, can be used for coding or dating, storage instructions, locations and identification, and is lightweight, easy to
use, and economical and needs no operator training.

Hasn't this been tried before: Yes, but what makes the Printwiz system different is that we are transferring the print onto the adhesive side of the tape. This exclusive and protected method avoids all the problems associated with trying to print on non-absorbent surfaces including dry time and smearing of the toner or ink on the film.

It also gives us the added benefit of having the imprint absorb
into the carton creating security tape.

Because you are putting the imprint onto the adhesive side of the tape does it affect the adhesion of the tape to the carton: No, the Printwiz Toner uses the moisture content of the adhesive and is absorbed by it and migrates to the film of the tape leaving the adhesive unaffected.

What types of Tapes can be Used: The Printwiz system works with all types of industry standard carton sealing tapes and adhesives including hot melt, acrylic and rubber based. It is suggested that
the tape used with the Printwiz be at least 1.8 mil thick in order to avoid any stretching of the tape during application and result in the tape "popping" off the carton.

What can the Printwiz Print: The Printwiz prints a repetitive image in one color and can print logos or any type of custom text desired by using a specially made flexographic printing plate. Variable
information can also be printed using a plug in alpha-numerical font set which is available in 2 different character sizes.

Custom plates and the font set can also be used together and stock plates are also available.

How are custom Printwiz Plates made: Plates are made per the following instructions. Vector files are preferred but all standard types of graphic files are acceptable (jpg, tif, eps, bmp). All files must be grayscale (converting a color image to grayscale will not offer the necessary resolution) and the file must be created in grayscale.

Files must be submitted by email, CD or DVD and file sizes and
resolutions are as follows:
PrintWiz-2—maximum size of printing plate is .9” x 3.00” with minimum 600 dpi resolution at full size.

PrintWiz-3—maximum size of printing plate is 1.35” x 3.00” with minimum 600 dpi resolution at full size.

There is no artwork charge if all submitted artwork meets these requirements. If artwork needs to be changed, created or modified as it does not meet the below requirements additional charges will

Printwiz Plate Sizes: The maximum plate size for the Printwiz-2 is 0.9" high x 3" long.

The maximum plate size for the Printwiz-3 is 1.35" high x 3" long.
How does Printwiz Work: The Printwiz works like any standard 2" wide or 3" wide tape gun. The operator takes the tape gun and places it on the far vertical side of the carton touching it to the
corrugated so the tape sticks. Then the Printwiz is brought forward against the box so the natural rubber roller applies pressure to the tape adhering it to the corrugated. At the near end of the carton
the operator brings the gun over the side of the box and down completing the seal and then cuts the tape using attached cutting blade.

The printing mechanism of the Printwiz dispenser can be engaged or disengaged depending if a print is desired by releasing the lever located at the rear of the gun. When the print mechanism is engaged and as the operator is using the dispenser the Printwiz toner cartridge rotates against the flexographic plate previously adhered to the rotating print drum thus transferring the print to the adhesive side of the tape prior to application.

What is included with the Printwiz Dispenser when first purchased: The Printwiz-2 and Printwiz-3 when first purchased include: the dispenser (2 inch wide dispenser for the Printwiz-2 and a 3 inch
wide dispenser for the Printwiz-3) a Print Drum, the proper Toner Cartridge for the dispenser ordered, instruction manual and either a custom printing plate, stock plate or plug in alpha-numeric font set
based on what is ordered.

Printwiz Toner Cartridge: The Printwiz system uses a self-contained toner cartridge which is easily changed when empty. This cartridge yields approximately 5000 meters of tape (50 rolls of 110 yards)
based on the coverage of the actual imprint. The toner color at this time is only available in black.

Other colors may become available based on market demands. A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available upon request.

How is the Printing Plate installed in the Printwiz: The printing plate adheres to the Print Drum by a high tack double sided tape. This tape is installed on the Printing Plate during production and is
there when it is received by the user.

Changing the print: The print on the Printwiz Dispenser can be changed in numerous ways. For a very occasional change the printing plate can be removed from the Print Drum by peeling the Printing Plate from the Print Drum and replacing it with the new plate. For frequent changes it is recommended that the Printing Plate be adhered to extra Print Drums (sold separately) and the Print Drum is exchanged within the dispenser. Frequent removal of the Printing Plate from the Print Drum can cause a loss of adhesion between the Printing Plate and Print Drum and can also cause
inconsistent prints due to adhesive build-up.

Initial Loading and Replacing of the roll of Tape: The initial loading of the tape is quick and easy and should be done prior to installation of the Print Drum for easy access. A special Feeder Strip is
supplied with the Printwiz and located within the handle of the tool to assist and full instructions and diagrams are in the instruction manual to assist. The easiest and quickest way to replace the roll of
tape is by splicing the beginning of the new roll to the end of the used roll and feeding it through.

Initial Loading and Replacing of the Toner Cartridge: The initial loading of the Toner Cartridge is easy and done during the installation of the Printing Plate to the Printwiz prior to first use. When empty the Toner Cartridge only takes a few seconds to be replaced.


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