LLDPE, PVC pricing developments.


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LLDPE Resin maker announces increase (Read letter)

FOIL - Increase announcements (HFA) (Pactiv) (Western Plastics) (D&W) (Reynolds)

PE GAINS Spot resin trading remained robust, capping off a very busy July.

Prices for both Polyethylene and Polypropylene continued to march higher, building on an already strong month of gains.

TRADING IS ACTIVE Ethylene trading resumed its active pace.

PE BANGS The Polyethylene market ended the month with a bang; transacted volumes were again above average

LLDPE RESIN UP All commodity grade PE prices were up $.04/lb during July and August began on Friday by rising another penny.

PE SEEMS FROTHY Polyethylene prices are starting to seem a bit frothy up here, especially since producers did not issue supporting price increases for August.

Some nominations for September started to filter through this week, averaging around $.03/lb, but not all producers have issued letters.

This spot market rally still has legs, but the upside from these levels could become limited.

PE TREK Polyethylene continued their upward trek.

RESIN JUMPS PE prices have jumped a nickel in the past 5 weeks and PP sprinted $.06/lb higher in July alone.

MARKET TO SUPPORT RESIN INCREASE There is no real effort to increase Polyethylene contracts in August, although the spot market would currently support one.

Some nominations have been seen for September, but that is still a long way off.
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