CDI showing flat for April 2014. Resin price the same.

CDI is showing flat for the month of April.

Trade Report April 2014
Resin rolls flat per reports
Respected analysts reporting this month no change for PVC or PE resins.

"LLDPE Producers are doing their best to keep PE prices flat in April while processors are looking for a $.02/lb decrease."

"The Ethylene market again saw heightened activity as several crackers remained offline for maintenance. Ethylene for April delivery initially continued higher reaching $.545/lb,"

"the Polyethylene market activity chilled from its fervent pace and prices were flat across the board. Domestic PE demand improved about 150M lbs"

"Polyethylene prices were flat and it looks like April contracts could still either roll steady or perhaps see a small decline but that might wait until May."
Packaging Sources April 2014