Stretch Film Pricing and the Pending Increase

The below information came from The Plastics Exchange and is a good look at what the spot and contract markets are doing. It appears that $.02 cpp is already through and the balance has a good chance of passing through as well. CMAI is already reporting the full increase is a done deal. We are moving lead times out by 1 week on all pre-stretch items and the order rate for all products has been high. Lead times are currently at 4 weeks or less for all products except pre-stretch which is at 4 weeks for standard and 5 weeks for made-to-order. Please look over your inventory needs and make plans with your customers to place orders by the end of next week if possible. Thanks for your continued business and call me if you have any questions.

We have closed our books on January – it was a very good month, thank you for the steady flow of orders. Sometimes contract

and spot prices move together, but this was not the case in January. Polyethylene contracts were flat, but spot prices

rallied $.01-.03/lb depending on product; it is now likely that $.02/lb and perhaps all of the $.04/lb increase could get implemented

in Feb. Jan Polypropylene contracts were up $.04-.05/lb; spot prices began the month quite strong, jumping $.03/lb

and then gave back all of the gains and actually finished a half-cent lower. We anticipate Feb PP contracts to be flat to a few

cents lower. There have been great sourcing and selling opportunities along the way, so for those that just receive our market

reports and always buy / sell elsewhere, come to us for your spot resin needs - now is a great time to actively join our market!!