Sigma Stretch Film Price Increase

Sigma Stretch Film

Please see attached price pages effective with orders placed on or after 3-27-13 OR product shipped after April 30, 2013. Lead times on pre-stretch products are at 8 weeks so the new price already applies to these items. Cast film has a 5 week lead time so you have until the end of next week (April 22nd) to safely place orders at current pricing. Blown products are at 2 weeks, so there are no issues placing orders at today's price up to the 26th of March.

This increase is hard to predict at best with implementation of the $.04 cpp PE resin increase for February varying by producer and product. Some moved this increase to March and others are holding pat on implementation for February. I have attached a copy of the latest update from plastics exchange for your reading enjoyment. My advice is to protect you and your customers as if this increase will go through, but don't get too heavy on inventory.

Please call me with any questions.


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