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Prices for polyethylene slid another $.02/lb; the market is now down $.08/lb over the past 6 weeks. Falling energy and feedstock costs have contributed to the negative sentiment gripping the market. Resin producers have offered to drop May contracts by $.04/lb and in the meantime have been generally willing to meet lower-priced competitive situations. Domestic demand is very sluggish..

Trade Reports May 2012

Efforts to implement even part of the .07/lb Polyethylene increase in May have already been dashed weak feedstock markets now point to a steep drop.

Trade Reports May 2012

The shift in the pricing cycle is underway. Once the down trend is solidly confirmed, which it appears to be, it could last for a while. Indicating ever- decreasing resin feedstock costs for at least the balance of 2012. So as long as the industry can avoid a major production disruption it seems like this cycle’s highest resin prices may have passed.

Trade Analyst May 2012

Abundant resin availability has pushed buyers away since they expect prices to slide further. After a run-up in prices during the 1st quarter, distributors and traders, looking to get ahead of an imminent drop in prices, have become aggressive with their offers as they try to liquidate inventories.

Trade Analyst April 2012

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