Quick Pak Inc - LLDPE: Stretch Resin Seen Rising

LLDPE: Stretch Resin Seen Rising . U.S. resin producers continue to aggressively seek the May price increase and have issued an array of June price increase initiatives to add support to their efforts.
Trade Analyst May 2011
Several grades of polyethylene resin remain under tight supply conditions and the manufacturers have announced a subsequent increase for June which we will monitor closely.

Based on the May 1st PE increase as well as additional delivery cost increases We will implement an 8% increase for all grades of film effective with all orders placed on or after May 23, 2011.
Please note that due to limited resin availability and extended lead times we will strictly limit our customer's orders. (AEP) (Sigma) (Pinnacle) (AmTopp) (Berry) (Manuli)
US Stretch Film Producer May 2011


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