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Our customers are having tremendous success with the LiteWrapper System…why?

It’s simple to use, employees wrap pallets faster, less damage as pallets are wrapped tight.
Quick Pak’s Prestretched Hand-Film is unique from any other film on the market. Wound on a 2" core, these rolls are specifically designed to be lighter so the operator can wrap pallets with one hand.

The Litewrapper Dispenser has a unique roller-system tensioning method that allows the
user to wrap pallets with one hand while safely walking forward around the pallet. The dispenser
does all the stretching of the film, no tension required from the operator. More Film Yield From
Every Roll. With the Litewrapper system there is no more walking backwards and tripping over unseen objects in your path, and no more back breaking bending over while trying to wrap the bottom of the pallet.


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