Stretch Film Pricing

As a result of rising feedstock costs, increased global demand, and reduced inventories our resin producers have informed us that the previously announced price increase will implement on September 1st. Several grades of polyethylene resin remain under tight supply conditions.

U.S. Stretch Film Producer September 2012

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Based on the September 1st PE increase we will implement a 6% increase for standard grade products and a 7% increase on premium products effective with all orders placed on or after October 1. 2012. All orders must call for immediate delivery.
U.S. Stretch Film Producer September 2012

Due to tight resin availability and extended lead times we will strictly limit our customer’s orders in September to a quantity equal to one month of theft average historical six months purchases. Your Sales Representative will inform you of your average purchases over the preceding six months. In addition, we reserve the right to accept or decline orders for any reason.
U.S. Stretch Film Producer September 2012

Polyethylene prices continued higher, amid tight supplies and soaring spot feedstock costs. Supply restrictions will further enhance producers' pricing power as they look to add to the $.03 - .05/lb increase earned for August contracts. Most producers nominated another $.05/lb for September, with one producer again at $.03/lb and another waiting until October to implement their nickel.
Trade Reports September 2012


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