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Polyethylene prices firmed, with gains seen for many grades. After the quarter-end purge, material availability has tightened somewhat. There are still a wide range of prices quoted throughout the market, but the low-end seems to have cleaned up a bit. more...

Market Analyst July 2012

The glut of natural gas has sent prices to 10-year lows is causing a quandary for the Obama administration, which is struggling to decide whether -- and how much -- the U.S. should share the bounty with foreign countries. The dilemma is politically treacherous in an election year . The prospect of selling natural gas in Asian and European markets at five times its price in the U.S. is enough to make most domestic producers giddy.
Trade News July 2012

Nothing goes down forever... spot prices for both Polyethylene and Polypropylene finally had an up-tick. It was the first gain for PE in 13 weeks. Ethylene prices continued to recover.
Resin Market Analysis July 2012

Prices to rise? Many analysts contend natural gas prices are destined to rise even without more exports, as companies scale back production. U.S. natural gas prices will rise without exports and stabilize around $3.50 to $4. "The current price environment is unsustainably low," he said, because in some areas, gas costs more to produce than its price.
Trade News July 2012

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