Resin Pricing news 4.4.2012 by quick pak inc

Consider that the March $.03/lb increase is, with Ethylene sprinting higher there is little reason for producers to cave in at this point.
If secured, this would complete the $.06/lb increase on top of the nickel implemented in December for a 4-month run of $.11/lb. With another $.07/lb that comes into play in April, traders with inventory will likely raise their asking prices to start the month. However, there is one producer that already pushed the $.07/lb increase off until May, although no other producers were seen following that lead.
Trade Reports April 2012

LLDPE: The Polyethylene market was fairly busy, particularly the first part of the week, as sellers looked to move out material as the month and 1st quarter came to an end. Polyethylene producers remained committed to secure the balance of the $.06/lb price increase, half of which was implemented in February. While this second $.03/lb really could have gone either way, as the month drew to a close, no producer had blinked so it seems somewhat intact.
Trade Reports April 2012

The spot Ethylene market rallied sharply this past week in active trade, spurred by unexpected cracker disruptions which complicated an already tightly supplied market. The industry is deeply in the throes of maintenance season and around 15% of total cracker capacity is currently offline. Polyethylene producers have leaned on these tight Ethylene monomer supplies and higher costs as justification for the Polyethylene price increases.
Trade Reports April 2012

Bit more pain might be felt before the peak is past, perhaps it will be in May or maybe in June, as it now seems that the market could have some legs in April.
Trade Reports April 2012

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