Monday, September 29, 2014

Quick Pak - What the Packaging Trade is Saying!: NEWSWIRE SNIPPETS Keep up to date on LLDPE, PVC pr...

Quick Pak - What the Packaging Trade is Saying!: NEWSWIRE SNIPPETS Keep up to date on LLDPE, PVC pr...: NEWSWIRE SNIPPETS   Keep up to date on LLDPE, PVC pricing developments.  Follow  @ quickpakinc on Twitter RESIN MARKET WAKES "...
Keep up to date on LLDPE, PVC pricing developments. 
Follow @quickpakinc on Twitter

RESIN MARKET WAKES "resin markets awoke with a vengeance and our trading desk was extremely active."

LLDPE MATERIAL PUSH "Sellers were more aggressive and material availability, both fresh railcars and in warehouses, improved significantly."

PE PRICING "resin prices were steady to mostly lower; It all converged to make for a very high volume week transaction-wise."

LNG RALLY "October Natural Gas futures rallied through Wednesday, trading as high as $4.04/mm Btu"

PE COSTS RISE "Ethylene prices continued to rise: they jumped a couple cents to begin the week and moved steadily higher from there."

ACTIVE DEMAND FOR PE "Polyethylene trading was active, prices mostly eased"

RESIN EARLY RISER "Sellers were quick to raise prices early in the month, but seemed a little anxious by the lack of orders"

TRADE BETTER FOR PE "resin trading was much better, the high volume of transactions made up for a very slow first half of September"

INCREASE SUCCESS FOR RESINS "PE producers should have success implementing their$.03/lb increase this month"

LLDPE BACK TO BULLISH "market sentiment for both Polyethylene and Polypropylene had turned a bit negative; however, monomer markets were very strong this past week and if sustained, could turn the mood back to bullish"

September CDI
Increases for PVC and PE to stick this month
PE +3c/lb
PP flat
PVC +2c/lb
Trade Reports September 2014

Friday, September 19, 2014

Printer Ribbons from Quick Pak Inc

Wondering where your profits are going? What solutions are you utilizing for printer ribbons? There are so many different types of ribbons to choose from. If you choose the wrong application or ribbon, it will quickly affect your budget. A thermal transfer printer prints on a substrate (such as paper or other materials) by melting a coating of the ribbon. This creates a glue so it stays on the material. 

Another print option is thermal ribbons. There are three main types—wax, wax/resin or pure resin. These are usually in black ink and come in a roll form. The ink formulas are coated on one side of a thin polyester backing. When heat is applied from the printhead, the ink releases from the carrier and sticks to the label or tag.

Rising costs of consumable products in a manufacturing or distribution center are always a budget concern. As a supplier, we are constantly looking for quality products to offer our customers that provide some relief to your bottom line increases.

Quick Pak Inc offers the economical TR4055T ribbon formulation designed for the everyday printing of general label formats. This ribbon is perfect for applications that do not require high print speeds (10 ips+), tiny characters or rotated barcodes. The TR4055T features a blend of waxes and a unique resin that are combined in an ink that flows smoothly at low print energy to give uniform coverage on low-end thermal transfer substrates.

Other ribbon characteristics include:

- Designed to provide excellent performance in everyday applications on the most commonly used 
substrates; including coated and uncoated paper and tags

- Good smudge and scratch resistance

- Capable of print speeds up to 6-8 IPS

- Dark glossy printed image

- Halogen-free

Quick Pak will continue to carry the TR4085Plus Premium Resin-Enhanced Wax ribbon for your demanding applications. However, sample rolls of the TR4055T are available upon request.

Contact us today for your economical ribbon solution that is right for you.